Using found materials as my starting point I work to create images of the “other” or “unknown”; I’m curious about the idea of taking an object and placing it out of it’s original context to create a shift in perception. Abstraction techniques that skew our visual clues about the object also play in to this. From a shift in perception comes a shift in relationship — I’m interested in that as a broad concept.


Jonathan Luckhurst is a photo based artist who currently lives and works in Edmonton, Canada. After spending three years documenting the Kumbh and Magh Mela mass Hindu pilgrimages in Northern India, Luckhurst turned to an art based photo practice. He has since experimented widely with his photographic work - incorporating paper negatives, photocopies, sculpture, charcoal and projection into his highly layered process.

Luckhurst is the recipient of several grants from the Canada Council for the Arts (ACDI), the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Edmonton Arts Council. His work is part of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts permanent collection. His first solo exhibition was in 2010 at WAVE Gallery (Brescia, Italy) and in 2011 his first book was published by WAVE Editions.

In 2015 Luckhurst participated in the Vancouver Biennale International Residency Program where he created a large scale three-panel photographic intervention in a public space that explored the intersection of human made structures and the natural environment.

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